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Dear Zoo  (Lift-the-Flap) Paperback Rs 200

Dear Zoo (Lift-the-Flap) Paperback Rs 200 (1987) 

Author : Rod Campbell

What kind of pet would you like from the zoo? An elephant, a lion, a snake - or something a bit smaller, and cuddlier and playful? Lift the flaps and see what has been sent - it's bound to be a surprise! And just when you think they'll NEVER get it right, they send the very best, most perfect pet of all.

Category : Beginners , Classics

Reading Level : 4 to 5 Years  

Price : 200.00  (INR)

Format : Paperback

Publication : Penguin

Discount :%

Book Code : 1KB00100004

No of Pages : 20

Amount : 200.00 (INR)

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